One Hundred and Six

Titrating the “God experience”

If you were to look into the eyes of “God” as you are today your identity would burn to a cinder. The intelligence of existence is that bright, brighter than your wildest imagination! Your identity, your thoughts and beliefs must be burnt away. So, if you are on the path of finding your “highest self” or your deepest connection to the “infinite you” titration may be a wise choice. Allowing in just a bit more in each practice, baby steps.

KundaliniSong is a practice of diving into the wholeness of your soul, of experiencing “God”, of reaching nirvana. And we call it a “practice” for that is just what it is, a practice. A practice of allowing nirvana into your experience, of allowing “god” into you. As you expand your consciousness broader and brighter the entire universe begins to open within you; psychic experiences, astral travel, bliss and ecstasy, unity with all that is, higher understanding of your challenges and woes or the experience of “god consciousness”. And this just scratches the surface, as there are worlds available for which I have no words.

There are many practices that point us toward this experience of “awakening” or “enlightenment”. Sometimes it takes life times; sometimes it takes but a second. Some people have the experience one time and spend the rest of their lives searching for it again. Some experience it one time and never loose it again (those lucky ones) and some dance in and out between awareness of all and the mundane “muggle” life.

Before this knowing of “all” can be experienced the “ego” mind must be dismantled and thoughts must come to a deep stillness. Our mind chatter creates a block to greater awareness. Identity must be truly shattered for a time.

To be honest it is quite scary to drop through the layers of constructed ego. That ego will fight you to keep control. There are many tools and teachings that support the ego in quieting down.

So we sit in our practices and titrate the “god” experience. Allowing, bit by bit a deeper and stronger knowing to penetrate our constructed mind.

In KundaliniSong we sit in sangha and allow sound to penetrate our cells, aligning them. We allow the sound to penetrate our minds, quieting our thoughts. We allow the sound to penetrate our life stories, healing them. And with intention we wait for divine inspiration.

There comes a moment when the energy of life, the qi, swells within and from that place we allow it to burst forth in tone and in song. Divinely inspired and guided in the moment. This energy has a place to go, a channel into form, thus creating ecstasy.

But the work does not stop here. Often times this is just the beginning of the healing journey. Shadow work is required when walking in the light, for light will be shinning brilliantly within and more tools will be required. More love will be called on.

KundaliniSong is a practice of titration. Each time you come sit there is opportunity to know your “god self” little truer and a little deeper. Then you return daily life, walk in the world and gather a little more information. See where you need a deeper healing. Then come back again and sit in practice. Open again, heal and grow. Sometimes it is hard work, sometimes easy. Always done in transparency with yourself.


One Hundred and Five



Go on down

Offer it up, a little more

Maybe its not even your to offer up

Just offer it up

All you gotta do is look at yourself

With your eyes wide open

Eyes wide open

I am willing

Transparency is the key

To your life, your love

Your grace, your freedom

Your love, you life

Your sacred freedom

Your way, your being

Your sacred freedom

Your love, your life

Your sacred freedom

Free is the only way you can be

Free is the only way you can see

Who you are

Your gonna love, your gonna love

What’s in front of you

I guess that means your gonna love hate, baby

Because I think you just might end up,

Just once in a while, having that moment

Can you love through and through

Can you drop right down into?

Can you drop down into?



One Hundred and Four


Can you put it all aside for a moment

And drop into your self a little more for a moment

Can you just say “hey, I put you over there for a moment while we drop into sacred practice together”

Say you had nothing to heal

Say you had nothing to change

Say there was no promises

Just for a moment of practice

And drop in and open your soul

Open your body

Open you light

Open your love

Open your sacred

Open your heart

For just a moment, just a little bit

Come on give your sweet love over

A little softer

A little sweeter

A little divinity

More sacred grace lover

Beautiful clearing

Let yourself go up into the very forehead, bones of you

Soften your bones and just open

Soften your bones

You become more porous

And the sound travels through you

The water travels through you

The air travels through you

And you heal it

Because you carry truth

A moment, present, dropped in

All the way in


Where you gonna offer healing into your fears

Just right there, let that transparency in

Let that light in

Let that god in

To you fears, your shadows, your stories

It’s just a practice

Open yourself wider

Throw it in the middle

Offer it up

Just see it, just fucking see

Just be willing to see it


You are transparent

Give it over

Be the divine self that you truly are

Open your eyes

Open your heart

And open your body to the truth of you

And open yourself

And open your mouth

And open your eyes

And look through

the veil that blinded you yesterday

You are reborn, you are reborn

You are anew, you are anew

You regenerate

You are reborn

You generate

Your Shakti she drives through you

Your Shakti she drives through you

So go home and integrate your truth

And don’t tell nobody else what to do

Come on down

And be all that you can be

Sacred one

Deep, sweet one

Loving one

Sacred one


Sacred one

Are you willing

To open your heart on this very special night      (the night of the first presidential debate)

In the depths of disagreement

And wrongdoing and right doing

And the fight of what and what and what?

Who are you going to be

All the way down

If its not about outside circumstances

This sacred night of nights

We offer true love


And I know that it’s hard to love the fear

And I know it’s hard to love those scary ones up there

And it’s hard to love the stories of your past

And it’s hard to love your fear

Of the air and the water

And the earth, your medicine, your bones

You are the flower essence of healing

When you drink the water

There.….Opening your heart!

I feel you opening!


I give you A+++++

One Hundred and Three


Sound can penetrate your cells

Sound can penetrate your heart

Sound can penetrate your joints

Sound crosses the blood brain barrier

Sound can activate your pineal gland

Sound can activate you pituitary

Clear and clean and communicating with you

Sound can open your ecstasy body

Sound can ignite

Alive, let it in

Let it resonate from your bones

The marrow of you

Let it resonate your body

Let it resonate your thoughts

Let it resonate your mind

And bring it right on into

Your judgments and your ideas

Your rights and your wrongs

Your should and your shouldn’ts

Your fears

Let it resonate into your fears

Let it resonate through

Into your demons

Into your ancestors

Your are one people

One Gaia, one being

One rock, one mountain

One tree, one plant, one animal

One water

You are one planet

You can hear all

You have many ears

You have ears on the bottoms of your feet

You have ears on the palms of your hands

You have eyes all up and down your back

And you don’t need to use them to watch out for things

You are an expression of god


Can you love, yourself

Can you love, yourself

Take that love, for yourself

Take that love, for yourself

And be that love, for yourself

Be that love, for yourself

And feel the one

Feel that penetrating side of you

You are sacred medicine

Take that love

To the one

Take that love into the one


Clear a little deeper

For more of your pineal glad and your pituitary

Are clearer, cleaner

Smoothly communicating with you

Your body

You are wireless beings

You are hooked up



And I love you

And I know the truth of all that we are

And I love you

You are one with me

And we dive into the infinite


Just a moment

Just this moment

Take your loving medicine

And spread it out to all you fear

Spread it out to yesterday

And know you are right here

You are loving medicine

Tell your bodies it is so safe

You can be all that you are

You can be all that you are

Tell your little inner child

You got a deep sweet home

Trust this moment

Trust this moment


Shakti, she’s your medicine

She’s your medicine

Shakti, she’s your medicine

Shakti, she’s your love

Sacred wisdom

She’s all of you, all of you


One Hundred Two

I am willing

Thank you for opening the doorway

Thank you for finding your way

Welcome to who you are today


Gaia is your medicine

You are so Bigger

You have a body you borrow

You think you know through your head

Let it rise in you

You are held by divinity

Let it rise in you

You are held by divinity

You know that is is sacred

You know, all that is is sacred

I love you, I love you

I call you for the healing

Transform, transform

I am willing, I am willing

And I love you

Do you feel my love

I love you

Transformation of love

I am willing, I am willing

Give yourself over

Give your self over in transparency

You really got nothing to hide

Or to be safe from

By flying through on the inward

And being strong to who you really are

Being strong to who your really are

If only for a moment

Another chance, another time, another moment

There aint no more promises

No ones hanging a carrot

Know yourself, know yourself sacred one


When you see those fireworks let them illuminate you

And tell no old stories

It can be done

You can be done

It’s a birthday, it’s a brand new day

And we celebrate the birthday

Honoring love, transformation, willingness

Brand new

What if our whole country was brand new, today

What if we were brand new and willing to see each person brand new

If countries didn’t see each other from yesterday

And that people didn’t see each other from yesterday

Can you love brand new, can you be brand new?

Can you rebirth yourself right here right now, in everywhere you go

Everyone you meet?

Are you willing?

I celebrate your transformation

Celebrate you unique sameness

You are one people, one divines, one love

And when your feet listen to the earth

You can hear everybody talk

The trees, the grass, the wolves and the people

And you can hear the stars

And the bugs

Be willing

Tell no more stories of yesterday

Offer yourself freedom

You’ve already changed

Shanti, shanti, shanti




One hundred one

One Bone

Shadè You know that I love you

Shadè, You know that the grace is here

Come on back to your presence

Come on back right there

Cause I feel you. Cause I feel you opening

Opening like a light come on bring it

Bringin in your grace, come on

Bringing in your love and

Get right here present

Come on, get here present

Come get here with me. Right here with me

Come on, riding over the top

Come on, dropping your veils

Come on down to presence

Drop it, drop it

Open, open

Feel your body

Feel your self and

Feel your soul and

Feel your grace

Come on, bringing it all the way in

Bringing down to your grace

Come on, bringing

Shakti, Shakti, Shakti

Shakti you are the grace

Shakti you are the light

Shakti you see the way

I know you know the way

I see you in the light

I see you going forward

I see you letting it go

I see you open your soul

I see the love coming down

I see the love shaking you, taking you, shaking you

Bringing in the grace and bringing in the love

And opening up to the one

You are open, you are open

And bringing in your love

And bringing in your grace

In all the way that you are

And you are the sacred…..

You are the way

Let your self out. Let yourself be free

Where ever you go in your life

Let yourself, let yourself be free

Let yourself open

Come on and open

You cannot hold a grudge anymore

You cannot look anywhere and say no, no, no no

I don’t like it

You can’t look anymore at anything in your life and say

And say no, no, no, I don’t like it

Without it getting bigger, getting brighter, getting shiny still

Cause she is always giving you the grace

And looking you in the eye

And saying what you want to do

You are the author, you’re the writer

You’re the playwright

And your doing the dance

Doing the dance so well

Your doing it, doing it

Come on, give yourself over to the grace, to the light

Right now, you get to start again, to the way

Come on, let it go and let it go

Bring yourself back down to your present situation

What is looking you in the eye?

You are grace mama, Ama

You are free and you are grace

Let another layer go, come on

I can see another layer, deeper, deeper, deeper

Bring it into yourself, bring it in….

Oh Shakti, I feel you loving yourself

I feel you feeling yourself

I feel your grace inside

You are open…

Oh bringing in the love to yourself

All the way through, all the way down

Into the right of you

You got one body, one body

Do you feel your one body?

Do you feel?

You are one water, one mountain,

One rock, one stone

One bone

One sight, one vision

You are one planet, one planet

Please, heal yourself all the way down

Come on, transparency

Show yourself

Show yourself to the earth, come on

Let her feel all of you

Let her be all of you

Come on, open yourself, all the way down

All the way through, bring it in, bring it in all the way down

Bring it in down, down, down

Help me be all, Help me be all of you

Wide open love

You are free woman, baby

Yes, feel yourself wild, wild world



One hundred

Let it in

Shine it out

Bring it in

Shine it out

Call on yourself

As teacher

Trust in yourself

As healer

Trust in yourself

As sacred guide

Trust in yourself

As the voice of God/Truth/Love/Self/Angels/whatever you like to call it

Trust in yourself

In yourself……..

Trust in yourself

You are the sacred Teacher

Love for yourself…..

Love for yourself

Passion, sweetness, guidance

Love for yourself……

Guidance for yourself

Truth for yourself

Love for yourself…..

Take it in, all the way down

All the way in, all the way down…

Open your self

Open your shadow

Open your darkness…

Let this love shine in

Let this light shine in

Let the God shine in

Let the God shine in

Transparency downward, downward, downward

Forgiveness downward

Forgiveness all the way downward

Down again, even deeper, take it deeper….

Take it truer, take it truer

Be the one who forgives first

Be the one that loves first

Be the one that offers first

Share with yourself

Share of yourself….

I want to see more of you, more of you…

You are a fucken genius

Bring it forward, bring it forward

You are crazy genius

Bring it forward

You blow my mind, yes you do

All of creation delighted to see you

All of creation delighted to know you

Thank you for showing yourself

You get an A++++

Shakti, she gives you

She can slide right on through you

When you are not hiding

You are medicine….

Bring your gift

Ninety nine

Thank you for bringing your silence

Thank you for dropping in, all the way

You got it

You know the way in

I feel you listening

Yeah, You know the way

You are the way

I see you listening

Showing up for yourself, your life, your love

Your showing up for yourself, your life, your love


Shakti, Shakti


Ah you send the grace through you

I feel you, I feel you…….

Shakti I feel you…….

Bring yourself to presence,

Bring your right back

You bring yourself right back here, right back here

And feel you presence again

Open yourself, open yourself

Come on, open yourself

Take it a little deeper

Come on take it deeper

Go into your heart and forgive everybody

You ever, ever, ever

Once thought was wrong

Darlin, forgive everybody you once thought was wrong

Give it up, give it up to grace

So easy

Bring it in, bring it in……

You wanted to feel the feeling

You want to feel the feeling of grace

Find your grace, find your grace, find your grace

Right there, find your grace

Softest forgiveness, Ama

Softest kindness

Softest forgiveness, Mama

Softest forgiven

Inward, take it inward…

Bring it into grace….Mama

You gotta love yourself

Right there, right there……

Love Yourself right on in

Give it up to grace….

Shakti, I hear your call

Shakti I hear your calling me, I hear your calling me

There’s lonely drums in the room

If anybody gets the nerve

The is bowls in the room

Bring your heart and sing with me

You can tone

Sit quietly if you want that is fine

I just keep on singing

Follow you heart

Everywhere you go, in your life

Come on show up in your life, I know you can

Gaia she paves the way


I want to thank you for being here

And being in this light with me

And being in the sweetness with me

And opening to your own grace

And I can feel when your heart opens

And I can feel when your mind opens

And I can feel when you forgive where you couldn’t forgive

Once a time before

I can feel it like popcorn in the room

And it opens and it opens

And it calls this grace in and this grace comes in

And all of the sudden there is this circuit breaker

Between you and your life and you body

And your soul and god and all that nonphysical stuff

That we are always looking for

And its so simple and all the sudden it is so quiet and still

So I hold you in grace for being able to dive deeper

Into yourself/myself and hold grace.

Ninety eight

Let yourself be seen

Let yourself be seen

Let yourself be seen

By the moment

By the divine one

By the one before you

Let yourself be seen

By the one before you

By the inner landscape of you

The garden of your soul

Looking inward

The sweetness of the flower that I smell

Wafting through the room like roses

You are freedom, you are beauty

You are love, you are love

You are love, you are love

You are the garden

You are one sky

You got one root going downward

You are the garden of your life

You flourish

You love yourself like you love that rainbow

You love yourself like you love that waterfall

You love yourself like you love a warm desert night

Looking out upon the stars, they go forever

You love yourself inward

Like the nights dream

Like a moon rise over the sea

You go on forever inward

You go on forever outward too

Let yourself be present with what is true

Let yourself be present with what you, you, you are

And where you find yourself

And how you show up

You are a bright, bright sunrise

Dawning like a brand new day

Your shinning

Your seeing

Your seeing the whole of you

Your being, your being

Your bringing, your bringing the grace of you

Let go of your ideas and you will be the teacher

It’s a mystery, really

The light is shinning with the taste of freedom

Take your soul forward

Loving yourself, loving yourself

And gracing your self, gracing yourself

You gotta good care of your heart and yourself

And your being

And your body and your love

Take care of your love

Take care of your love

You are a gifted child

You are a gifted child

You are a gifted child

You are wide open and transparent

You are feeling you soul

Feeling you heart

Showing up

You are the grace of the evening

You are the grace of the evening

You are the beauty

You are the beauty…..

You are the life

You are the love

You are the freedom

You are the Grace

You are the Love

You are the Grace

You are the Freedom

You are the the one

You are open

And you are guidance

And you are teacher

And you are wise one

And the Shakti she has you

And the Gaia she has you


Ninety seven

I have the experience that I am soaring forward into the future and arrive at a place where humans have moved beyond the fear of change. In my recognition of their state I become aware of our current state of fear of change. We say we wish we could instantly heal or change our bodies in this way and that, but I was made aware of the fact that we truly fear this kind of power over our bodies. These humans do not have that fear. Also they had come to the deep realization that their bodies were made up of the same material as everything else. They carry no doubt that their bodies are made of stardust. And they are well aware that their bodies are not the whole of them but more like a borrowed piece of equipment that is conscious in its own right. In this fearless state, with absolute awareness of oneness they are able to create some most incredible things with their bodies. They grow new limbs and change bone structure. They can grow an extra finger or cat’s ears or a giraffe neck. Whatever strikes their fancy. And they do. Growing animal body parts is commonplace. No fear of change, understanding of the unity of all things and intention are the tools I was shown.